Expenditure exceeding £500

Working towards a more open Authority

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority is now publishing information on all expenditure more than £500 paid each month to suppliers. We will publish the data each month in two formats – Adobe PDF and CSV format to make the data as useful as possible to as many people as possible.

We publish this information to be open about our spending and to improve access to our data. The data is freely usable under the same terms recommended by www.data.gov.uk – the site established by Central government to publish all types of public sector data in an open and transparent way.

Making sense of the expenditure information

The files contain details of all expenditure paid in the reporting month that have a value of £500 or more (excluding VAT). We will not be publishing details of payments that are of a personal nature and have redacted any personal details. The data is split into eight columns containing: (a) Service Area Categorisation this is a high level description of the service area. The Authority is essentially a single service authority and therefore this will always be described as ‘Waste Disposal’. (b) Service Division Categorisation represents the divisions or areas of the work of the Service (c) Expense Type headings that describe the nature of the expenditure in more detail (d) Payment Date this is the date that the payment was made (e) Transaction Number – this is a unique reference number for each individual expenditure transaction (f) Amount – this is the amount that was paid (g) Type – a description of whether the expenditure is capital or revenue (h) Supplier Name – the full name of the supplier

What is not included or could be redacted

1. Salary payments to staff (except some senior staff whose information will be published separately). 2. Pension and National Insurance contributions. 3. Severance payments. 4. Payments to individuals from legal process, 5. Competition prizes. 6. Settlements made with companies as an arbitration which is conditional on confidentiality. 7. Potential betrayal of a commercial confidence or prejudice to a legitimate commercial interest. 8. Transaction relating to the financing or underwriting of debt. 9. Provisions or promises to pay not yet realised

Further Information

Requests for more details about the publication of this data or items detailed will be responded to as a Freedom of Information request (Guide to Making a Request.)

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