Climate Action Plan


Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) Members declared a climate emergency on Friday 18th October 2019 whilst simultaneously agreeing to develop a new Zero Waste 2040 Strategy and an Action Plan for Resource and Waste Management at the earliest opportunity.

  • MRWA’s Climate Change Action Plan sets out how the Authority has acted to confront the climate challenge and resource  efficiency agenda in recent years. In declaring a climate emergency, urgent action and transformational change is required. The Plan details how the Authority will take further realistic climate and circular economy measures in the short- and long-term supported by detailed actionable targets.

MRWA Climate Action Plan (this is a PDF document)

Cities are at the core of strategic low carbon development and climate change mitigation. Our actions are consistent with the Liverpool City Region (LCR) need to reach zero or near zero carbon no later than 2043 in order to stay within the recommended maximum carbon budget of 46.1 million tonnes CO2.

Operating at the interface between local action, national policies and international agreements, MRWA recognises the seriousness of climate change. Our Mission Statement and Corporate Aims address the need to mitigate climate effects:

MISSION STATEMENT: To ensure that we reduce the impact of our actions on climate change and improve the sustainable management of waste and resources.


  • Improve the sustainable management of waste and resources
  • We will deliver effective waste services
  • Co-operate to improve working arrangements
  • MRWA is committed to measure and report on climate change impacts and sustainability improvements and will report on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).