Working for MRWA


There are no current vacancies.



  • We work hard as an Authority to make our workplace a space where people’s knowledge, skills and talents are appreciated, nurtured and developed.
  • Our role in supporting our partners across the Liverpool City Region is unique, delivering sustainable and effective recycling and waste resource management to 2 million people, across 600,000 households.
  • We are committed to bringing about positive environmental change, supporting the wider economy, and ensuring excellence and value for money in our services for all our residents and communities
  • ‘We may be small but we are mighty’, our organisation is made up of small teams of committed individuals, who all play a unique role in innovating, managing and transforming waste resources – and making a real difference to the environment and people’s lives.



  • Here at MRWA, we want people to thrive and perform the very best they can.
  • We can only deliver if everyone at the Authority uses their skills and expertise.
  • We’re supporting our staff so that they are aspirational and inspired, and provide regular opportunities for personal and professional review.
  • We encourage further development, self-learning, and provide a comprehensive Corporate Training programme in-house.
  • We foster a learning culture that supports development and provides fair access to training opportunities.



  • Together, we can help to make our City Region greener and more sustainable.
  • We’ll take measures to mitigate climate change and improve where we live and work for future generations.
  • We are already working hard – delivering excellent services and facilities – so we must build on what we do best, and use our skills and positivity, to strive for even greater success.
  • We pride ourselves on being focussed, honest and inventive and committed to achieving our goals.



  • As a responsible employer, we promote a positive health and wellbeing culture across the Authority.
  • MRWA is proud to have achieved the acclaimed Workplace Wellbeing Charter. Our Certificate of Accreditation can be viewed by clicking here. The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is an opportunity for employers to demonstrate their commitment to the health and well-being of their workforce. The positive impact that employment can have on health and wellbeing is now well documented. There is also strong evidence to show how having a healthy workforce can reduce sickness absence, lower staff turnover and boost productivity – this is good for employers, workers and the wider economy.
  • Our Health and Wellbeing programme offers a range of activities and benefits, and links in with role related benefits including Agile Working, Travel Season Ticket Loan Scheme, and Bike2Work programme.



  • Equality and diversity are key to everything that the Authority does and delivers.
  • We ensure that they are included into our work and services, and that of the contractors and supplier who are our partners.
  • Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority promotes the principle of equal opportunities ensuring that no employee, job applicant or person in receipt of our services, receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, age, gender, disability, marital status, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or religious belief.