Corporate Planning and Reporting



The Authority sets out its current priorities and future objectives in its Corporate Plan. The Plan strengthens the Authority’s planning processes and is a fundamental part of its Performance Management Framework which:

  • Allows the Authority to be clear and transparent about its vision, values, objectives and priorities as expressed in its Corporate Strategies.
  • Assists in translating the high level corporate vision into service delivery through service and performance planning processes.
  • Helps individuals to understand their contribution to the corporate objectives through the Staff Development Process.

The Authority’s Vision, as set out in its Corporate Plan, is:

“To improve people’s quality of life by ensuring that waste is sustainably managed to bring about the best combination of environmental, economic and social benefits.”

This plan is reviewed by the Authority on an annual basis to reflect emerging issues, consultation feedback and progress made to date. The current Corporate Plan 2019/2020 can be viewed here: Corporate Plan 2019/2020


The Annual Service Plan Plan translate the Authority’s Corporate Plan into deliverable step changes through the effective management of the Authority’s available resources. The Plan contains a summary of performance and reflects how projects and sectional activities will be focused to deliver improvement and contribute to the delivery of the Corporate Plan.

The development of the Corporate Plan and the Annual Service Delivery Plan take into account current risks and are informed by the Authority’s Corporate Risk Register. The current Delivery Plan can be viewed here: Service Delivery Plan 2019-20


Our Annual Report provides a snapshot of the Authority’s performance and achievement over the previous year. The Annual Report 18/19 can be viewed here: MRWA Annual Report 2018/19