Our Environmental Management System

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority is committed to ensuring that its operations, activities and the procurement of its goods and services are undertaken in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is one way of demonstrating a commitment to reduce the impact that our actions have on the natural and built environment.

In May 2009 The Authority received accreditation of International Standard Organisation (ISO) ISO 14001 for our office and seven closed landfill sites and has operated an accredited System since then.

The System has been modified as environmental objectives and targets change through time. The Scope of the System currently encompasses:

“The activities associated with the monitoring and maintenance of seven closed landfill sites, the Authority’s office activities, management of the Authority’s Waste Contracts and Carbon Management”.

Click here to see our EMS certificate (PDF)

As part of our EMS assessment we have identified a number of areas of our activities that have environmental impacts, which are ranked in order of their significance. All of the details of these are available on request by contacting the Authority.

MWDA’s waste management facilities, operated on our behalf by our contractors are operated under separate accredited Environmental Management Systems.

CLICK HERE to download the EMS MRWA Environmental Policy (PDF).

The Authority also operates a Competence Management System for the management of the Billinge Hill Quarry site. CLICK HERE to download this policy (PDF).