Finance and Organisation Transparency


The Local Government Transparency Code details the requirements for local authorities on the publication of information and data. This increases democratic accountability and make it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision making process and help shape public services.  The Authority publishes a range of sets of data on a regular basis – monthly, quarterly and annually.

*Links to the most recent reporting are included in this table

Data Type Frequency Limitations
Expenditure over £500 Monthly Personal and sensitive information may be redacted.
Credit Card Transactions Monthly Personal and sensitive information may be redacted.
Invitations to Tender and Contracts exceeding £5000 Quarterly Estimated value exceeding £5000
Local Authority Land Annually Owned or leased by MRWA
Grants Annually Awarded by the Authority
Organisational Chart Annually Limited to the first three levels of the organisation
Trade Union Facility Time Annually No. of hours
Senior Salaries Annually Threshold of £50K (in brackets of £5K). Identified by name only if above £150K
Constitution Annually
The Pay Multiple Annually