The Courtauld Commitment 2025


MRWA has signed up to Courtauld 2025 – an ambitious voluntary agreement that brings together a host of organisations from right across the food system. From producer to consumer the aim is to make food and drink production and consumption more sustainable. At its heart is a ten-year commitment to identify priorities, develop solutions and implement changes at scale – both within signatory organisations and by spreading new best practice across the UK.

By targeting hotspots of resource use, the Commitment aims to cut the waste and greenhouse gas emissions associated with food and drink by at least one-fifth per person in ten years and improve water stewardship, with cumulative savings of around £20 billion. By working collectively we will:

  • Provide lower impact products
  • Provide them more efficiently
  • Help people get more value from the food and drink they buy
  • Make best use of remaining waste and surplus food.

The shared ambition of the Commitment is to cut the resource needed to provide food & drink by one-fifth in ten years, increasing value for everyone. The targeted overall outcomes from 2015 to 2025, calculated as a relative reduction per head of population, are:

  • 20% reduction in food & drink waste arising in the UK
  •  20% reduction in the GHG intensity of food & drink consumed in the UK
  • A reduction in impact associated with water use in the supply chain

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