Managing Merseyside’s waste

MRWA works in partnership with private sector suppliers to efficient deliver waste management services to the residents of Merseyside.

Our major service areas and private sector partners are:

Waste Management and Recycling Contract: enables MRWA to manage and recycle Municipal Waste which has been collected by the District Councils of Merseyside under their own Refuse Collection and Street Cleansing Contracts. See Waste Collection and Hazardous Waste for more information.

This contract also enables us to provide 14 Household Waste Recycling Centres in the Merseyside area specifically for residents to take their own waste for disposal or to be recycled. See Household Waste Recycling Centres and Asbestos Services for more information.

This contract is held by resource management company Veolia who were appointed on 1 June 2009. See more about the contract at

Resource Recovery Contract: contract awarded in December 2013. This includes a high efficiency Energy from Waste facility with Combined Heat and Power at the Wilton International site in Teesside and a rail hub for the transportation of waste at Kirkby in Knowsley on Merseyside. This solution enables Merseyside and Halton to divert more than 92% of its residual waste from landfill, while also generating the equivalent electricity to power thousands of homes. The energy-from-waste facility is also able to provide heat to local businesses.

This contract is held by Merseyside Energy Recovery Limited a consortium which consists of three companies – SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, Sembcorp Utilities UK and I-Environment Investments Ltd. SUEZ is the operator of the Wilton energy-from-waste facility. For more information see