Community Fund: Volume to Kgs

Volume to Kgs conversion

Download the document: Volume to Kgs (this is a Word document)

Volume of Typical Waste Bins and Bags To help you estimate volume, the information below shows the capacity of typical waste bins shown in litres
Standard kitchen food waste caddy5 Litres
Small / Medium kitchen pedal bin30 Litres
Standard bin bag / refuse sack60 Litres
Large kitchen flip top /swing top bin60 Litres
Standard household wheelie bin240 Litres
Medium 4 wheeled bin660 Litres
Large 4 wheeled bin1100 Litres

Use the conversion factor below to convert the volume into a weight, in Kg

Conversion Factors for Common Household Wastes e.g. a food waste caddy (5 litres) x food waste conversion factor 0.425 = 2.125 Kg To show this in tonnes divide by 1000 to give 0.00213 Tonnes
Waste MaterialConversion Factor in Kg
Food waste0.425
Plastic bottles and containers0.01
Plastic bags and film0.078
Cans (aluminium)0.026
Cans (steel)0.052
Garden / Green waste0.231
Mixed  Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment   (WEEE )0.113
Mixed Wood0.307