23rd September 2016 Meeting

Update 27th September – Items marked * are amendments submitted on the day of the meeting.

Date Agenda and Reports Minutes
23rd September 2016 (i) Agenda 23.09.2016

(ii) Authority Meeting Minutes on 24.06.16

(iii) Question(s) from Members under Procedural Rule 9

(iv) Question(s) from Members of the Public under Procedural Rule 10

(v) Motion proposed by Members under Procedural Rule 15

(vi) WDA/21/16 Statement of Accounts 2015-16, WDA/21/16 Appendix 1, WDA/21/16 Appendix 1 Amendment*,  WDA/21/16 Appendix 2 

(vii) WDA/22/16 Auditor’s Report to Members, WDA/22/16 Appendix 1, WDA/22/16 Appendix 1 Page 15 updated*, WDA/22/16 Appendix 1 Page 20 updated

(viii) WDA/23/16 Waste Development Fund

(ix) WDA/20/16 Strategic Review – Financial Support, WDA/20/16 Amendment*, WDA/20/16 Appendix 1

(x) WDA/24/16 Waste Strategy Issues, WDA/24/16 Appendix 1, WDA/24/16 Appendix 2, WDA/24/16 Appendix 3

(xi) WDA/25/16 Temporary Appointments of Clerk and Monitoring Officer

Minutes 23.09.2016