ARCHIVE: Textiles recycling – Recycling Credits and Charities Consultation 2012


Did you know that Merseyside households throw away 22,000 tonnes of clothes and textiles each year? Clothes that could be re-used or recycled and they all end up in a landfill site. This huge amount of waste brings unnecessary expense for you, local councils and the environment. With bring-banks and clothes recycling banks dotted about all over Merseyside, not to mention charity shops who accept a lot of material, it doesn’t have to be this way.

MRWA is currently working with its district council partners and local charities to improve all aspects of clothes re-use and recycling on Merseyside. We are also working with WRAP (the Waste Resource and Action Programme) to develop a Stakeholder Forum and a campaign to boost greater textile recycling. If you are tendering for this project please find below the appropriate documents –

MRWA Recycling Credits Report (pdf)

Summary Questionnaire Responses (pdf)

MRWA Charities Consultation Report (pdf)