Community Fund: Costs


Download document here: Costs (Word document)

Cost Example

Section 6 of the online form asks you to provide details of the cost of your project. It will help your application if you can explain and show what funding is needed to complete your project. The aim of your cost breakdown is to show us that you have considered all of the costs needed to deliver your project

You must enter  at least one ‘Description of Item’,  and at least one ‘Grant Required’ figure and one ‘Your Match / Other Funding’ figure, even if the figure entered is 0.

Please  enter only numbers into columns (a) and (b) you don’t need £ sign

Description of ItemGrant Required The amount you are requesting here a) Match or other funding The amount you are contributing here b)
community space at £45 for half a day.  20 half day workshops x £45 = £900 at 50%. 4 Swap events at £90 =360810450
Community Leader time 6hrs x £21 x 20weeks =  £2520 at 50% Volunteer expenses £6.50 x 20wks x 4 people  = £52017801260
sewing machines £95 x 3 = £285 + tables £50 x 3 =150 Total = £4354350
thread, zips, scissors, cutting board, ironing board, iron, mannequin = £2502500
resource leaflet, contents, design, printing leaflet x 2000 = £1500. Distribution at workshops and Swapping events15000
monitoring reports 2 hrs x £21,x 2 = £84. End report 8hrs x £21 = £168 total =£252 at 50%126126

You should add up your costs for each column (a and b) so you can check the calculation shown on the form, see below.

Your total Community Fund Grant requested (a) is £4,901.00

Your total match / other funding (b) is £1,836.00

Your Total Project Costs (a+b) are £6,737.00

Check the box to confirm that all of the figures provided, and the calculations made are correct *

If you want to do your own, more detailed, cost  (and for a regional project that could be a good idea), you can upload your cost breakdown as a pdf document,

To do this you can use the Governing Documents Uploads, in Section 1 – and the ‘select files’ button.