Community Fund: Average weights

Approved average weights of materials

Download the document: Average weights (this is a Word document)

The table below gives average weights of common items and materials, shown in Kilogrammes (Kg). These have been calculated from research carried out by MRWA and the Furniture Re-use Network.

For your calculation’s material weight should be shown in Tonnes. 1000kg = 1 Tonne

e.g. a bedside unit at 14 Kg  divided by 1000 = 0.014 Tonnes

During your project, materials should be weighed and verified whenever possible and actual weights used for monitoring outputs.

If you are unable to provide actual weight information and need estimated weights of items not on this list, please contact MRWA.

CategoryItem DescriptionAverage Weight in Kg
FurnitureBedside unit, cabinet or table14
FurnitureBench, kitchen or garden, solid wood30
FurnitureBlanket box, Ottoman11
FurnitureBookcase / Shelving Unit21
FurnitureCabinet (display & kitchen), Bureau20
FurnitureChair, kitchen, dining or wooden7
FurnitureChest-of-drawers, Tallboy27
FurnitureSmall desk, Computer Table20
FurnitureLarge desk27
FurnitureDressing table34
FurnitureFire surround28
FurnitureGrandfather clock64
FurnitureTV / Hi-fi unit17
FurnitureSideboard, not large35
FurnitureTable small, cane, coffee, nest14
FurnitureTable, large e.g. dining29
FurnitureTable, medium e.g. kitchen23
FurnitureWall unit43
FurnitureWardrobe, double55
FurnitureWardrobe, single37
FurnitureWelsh dresser92
Home Office FurnitureCabinet, large77.5
Home Office FurnitureOffice chair12
Home Office FurnitureOffice desk26
Soft Furniture2 seater sofa37
Soft Furniture3 seater sofa42
Soft FurnitureArmchair27
Soft FurnitureRecliner51
Soft FurnitureBed, single complete (base, mattress + hdboard)53
Soft FurnitureBed, double complete (base, mattress + hdboard)78
Soft FurnitureBed, king-size complete (base, mattress + hboard)91
Soft FurnitureBed base, single wood / divan / folding / Z bed21
Soft FurnitureBed base, double wood / divan / folding / Z bed27
Soft FurnitureBed base, king-size wood, divan or double metal30
Soft FurnitureBunk bed / Cabin bed50
Soft FurnitureCane chair, Bookcase15
Soft FurnitureChair, easy, fireside, lounge, rocking18
Soft FurnitureChaise longue40
Soft FurnitureFuton/Sofa bed(wooden base with mattress)35
Soft FurnitureMattress, single21
Soft FurnitureMattress, double40
Soft FurnitureMattress, king-size50
Soft FurniturePouffe / Stool5
Soft FurnitureSofa bed, foam flop out42.5
Soft FurnitureSofa bed, metal frame85
Soft FurnitureSofa, cane / conservatory (with cushions)20
Children’s ItemsCot16
Children’s ItemsHighchair13
Children’s ItemsPram14
Children’s ItemsPushchair8
Children’s ItemsStairgate3
Children’s ItemsToys, box11
LeisureBike, adult15
LeisureBike, child10
MiscellaneousSmall miscellaneous, e.g. scales, 
 saucepans, shoe rack, pedal bin,3
  picture, magazine rack, fireguard, 
 CD stand, picture frame, curtain pole, 
 lampshade, suitcase, wine rack, Christmas tree 
MiscellaneousMedium miscellaneous, e.g. tea trolley, 
 ironing board, plant stand, coat or hat stand,6
 small mirror, clothes horse, 
MiscellaneousLarge miscellaneous, e.g. carpet cleaner, 
 large mirror, ladder, laundry basket,11
 loose shelves 
Textiles, Bedding and Window Dressing
TextilesBlack Bag of mixed clothes8
Bedding and Window DressingPillow1
Bedding and Window DressingSheet1.5
Bedding and Window DressingBlanket, towel, throw, duvet cover2
Bedding and Window DressingBlinds (fabric), light or mid weight curtains5
Bedding and Window DressingBlinds (wood, metal), curtains (thick, lined)7
HH Garden & DIY
DIYDoor (pvc)20
DIYDoor (wood)15
DIYGate (metal)30
DIYGate (wood)15
DIYPaint (5litre)6
DIYPatio door30
DIYTiles (ceramic), per square metre30
DIYWindow (wood)15
DIYWindow (glazed)20
DIYWorktop (kitchen)12
GardenChair (metal, plastic or wood)7
GardenRotary drier15
GardenTable (metal, plastic or wood)20
GardenTool (large) e.g. spade, fork2
GardenTool (small) e.g. trowel1
HH Gas Appliances
Gas AppliancesCooker, gas50
Gas AppliancesHob, gas20
Gas AppliancesFire, gas9
Cat 1 – Lge Hh ApplBaby belling, counter top cooker, hostess trolley24
Cat 1 – Lge Hh ApplCooker hood9
Cat 1 – Lge Hh ApplCooker, electric56
Cat 1 – Lge Hh ApplDishwasher47
Cat 1 – Lge Hh ApplSpin-Dryer13
Cat 1 – Lge Hh ApplTwin-tub42
Cat 1 – Lge Hh ApplWasher Drier69
Cat 1 – Lge Hh ApplWashing Machine65
Cat 2 – Smll Hh ApplHair & Beauty item e.g. hair dryer,1
 foot massager, hair curlers, hair straighteners 
Cat 2 – Smll Hh ApplSmall item – kettle, toaster, clock, 
 sandwich maker, coffee maker, juicer, rice cooker,2
 steamer, iron, food mixer 
Cat 2 – Smll Hh ApplMedium item – bread machine, video camera,7
 trouser press 
Cat 2 – Smll Hh ApplElectric sewing machine17
Cat 2 – Smll Hh ApplFan (electric)10
Cat 2 – Smll Hh ApplFan heater5
Cat 2 – Smll Hh ApplFire16
Cat 2 – Smll Hh ApplHob, electric8
Cat 2 – Smll Hh ApplMicrowave19
Cat 2 – Smll Hh ApplRadiator17.5
Cat 2 – Smll Hh ApplVacuum13
Cat 3 – IT & TelecomsComputer, base unit10
Cat 3 – IT & TelecomsLaptop3
Cat 3 – IT & TelecomsMobile phone or Accessory (hands free kit, charger)0.5
Cat 3 – IT & TelecomsPC Accessory (keyboard, mouse)1
Cat 3 – IT & TelecomsPC Printer / Scanner / Shredder7
Cat 3 – IT & TelecomsTelecommunications equipment5
Cat 3 – IT & TelecomsWordprocessor / Electric typewriter9
Cat 4 – Consumer EquipHi-fi, integrated11
Cat 4 – Consumer EquipHi-fi, separates (amplifier, cassette deck,5
 CD player, radio, speakers) 
Cat 4 – Consumer EquipVideo, DVD, Games Console, Digiboxe12
Cat 5 – Light EquiptLamp or light1.5
Cat 6 – Elec & Elect ToolsSmall vac, electrical garden tool11
 e.g. strimmer, hedge cutter, garden 
Cat 6 – Elec & Elect ToolsLarge electrical garden tool,13
 e.g. lawnmower, shredder 
Cat 6 – Elec & Elect ToolsPower tools e.g. drill, electric screwdriver4
Cat 7 – Toys, l & sportsMusical Instruments e.g. keyboard, organ (not toy)31
Cat 7 – Toys, l & sportsSunbed33
Cat 8 – Medical devicesElectric armchair54
Cat 8 – Medical devicesElectric bed, single100
Cat 8 – Medical devicesElectric bed, double200
Cat 8 – Medical devicesElectric wheelchair60
Cat 11 – Display EquiptCRT-Monitor < 14″11
Cat 11 – Display EquiptCRT-Monitor 14″13
Cat 11 – Display EquiptCRT-Monitor 15″14
Cat 11 – Display EquiptCRT-Monitor 17″16
Cat 11 – Display EquiptCRT-Monitor 19″23
Cat 11 – Display EquiptCRT-Monitor 21″31
Cat 11 – Display EquiptTV Portable or TV Combi11
Cat 11 – Display EquiptFlat screen display 15-17″4.4
Cat 11 – Display EquiptFlat screen display 19-20″6.3
Cat 11 – Display EquiptFlat screen display 22-24″7.2
Cat 11 – Display EquiptFlat screen display 26-30″10.6
Cat 11 – Display EquiptFlat screen display 32-37″17
Cat 11 – Display EquiptFlat screen display 40-46″22
Cat 12 – Cooling Appl containing refrigerationAir Conditioner, Dehumidifier18.5
Cat 12 – Cooling Appl containing refrigerationFreezer or fridge, tabletop28
Cat 12 – Cooling Appl containing refrigerationFreezer, chest48
Cat 12 – Cooling Appl containing refrigerationFreezer, free standing45
Cat 12 – Cooling Appl containing refrigerationFreezer, undercounter32
Cat 12 – Cooling Appl containing refrigerationFridge, free standing38
Cat 12 – Cooling Appl containing refrigerationFridge, undercounter30
Cat 12 – Cooling Appl containing refrigerationFridge-Freezer51