UK and England Waste Strategy


The Government conducted a review of waste policy in 2011 and published a new Waste Management Plan for England in 2013. The Plan sets out the work required to deliver a low carbon, zero waste economy by using the waste hierarchy as a guide to sustainable waste and resource management. England’s first Waste Prevention Programme was also published in 2013 and aims to support further reductions in the amount of waste generated as a priority. Government’s view is that all sectors of society, including businesses, local authorities, communities and individuals have a responsibility to prevent waste and support a more resource efficient economy.

England reached a household waste recycling rate of 43% in 2012/13, but performance must continue to improve in order to reach a  target of 50% recycling by 2020. Local Authority Collected Waste sent to landfill has reduced by 60% since 2000, whilst further diversion from landfill has been driven by the Landfill Tax which is due to increase to £80 per tonne in 2014.

MRWA and the Merseyside and Halton Waste Partnership (MHWP) continue to respond to Government consultation exercises to ensure that Merseyside’s opinion is taken into account in the development of new waste policies and legislation.


Waste Management Plan for England 2013 –

Waste Prevention Programme for England 2013 –

Review of Waste Policy in England 2011 –

(Last updated – March 2014)