Sustainable Development

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority’s vision is:

‘To improve people’s quality of life by ensuring that waste is sustainably managed to bring about the best combination of environmental, economic and social benefits.’

Since 1986, Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (formerly Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority) has managed the disposal of household waste collected by the constituent District Councils of Merseyside. In the past, the simple answer was to dispose of waste in a hole in the ground. Today, the Authority is striving to find the best practicable solutions for the recovery and treatment of more than 700,000 tonnes of unwanted materials, which it sees as resources and not waste, in a sustainable manner rather than sending them to landfill.

The Authority understands and respects the ethos of sustainable development. It accepts it has a duty and a responsibility to its stakeholders to ensure that all its operations and activities are undertaken with due care and consideration of the balance between people, the economy and the environment.

We need to move away from being a disposable society whilst businesses need to support sustainable production and consumption and provide goods and services that people want and the environment needs.

In 2008, the Authority developed a Sustainability Strategy to provide the context for the delivery of our activities.

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Headline Sustainability Strategy – full document

Executive Summary


1. Supplementary Strategy – Climate Change

2. Supplementary Strategy – Sustainable Procurement

3. Supplementary Strategy – Corporate Social Responsibility

4. Supplementary Strategy – Environmental Management


1. Sustainable Development Policy

2. Sustainable Procurement Policy

3. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

4. Environmental Policy

5. Climate Change Policy

6/7. Sustainability Strategy Management/Sustainable Procurement Flexible Framework/Climate Change Mitigation Options