24th June 2016 Meeting


Date Agenda and Reports Minutes
24th June 2016 (i) Agenda 24.06.2016

(ii) Authority Meeting Minutes on 22.04.16

(iii) Question(s) from Members under Procedural Rule 9

(iv) Question(s) from Members of the Public under Procedural Rule 10

(v) Motion proposed by Members under Procedural Rule 15

(vi) WDA/16/16 Scheme of Delegation and Procedrual Rules, WDA/16/16 Appendix 1 

(vii) WDA/15/16 Questions on the Discharge of Functions

(viii) WDA/17/16 Appointments and Committees

(ix) WDA/18/16 Internal Audit – Reports, WDA/18/16 Appendix 1, WDA/18/16 Appendix 2

(xi) WDA/19/16 Outturn Report 15/16, WDA/19/16 Appendix 1, WDA/19/16 Appendix 2, WDA/19/16 Appendix 3

(xii) WDA/14/16 Waste Composition Analysis, WDA/14/16 Appendix 1, WDA/14/16 Appendix 2, WDA/14/16 Appendix 3  


24.06.16 Minutes