Don’t Waste Your Say – Archive

Note – This is an archive page highlighting the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Merseyside consultation from October 2010 to December 2010

The Merseyside and Halton Waste Partnership (MHWP) is required by law to publish a Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Merseyside (JMWMS) and the original JMWMS was agreed by the Merseyside Local Authorities in 2005 with a commitment to a full Review after five years and that is what the Partnership is now doing.

This consultation will help develop this strategy by achieving the following aims:

– Ensure any revised Strategy reflects residents’ views and aspirations.
– Improve the quality of policy and decision making by drawing on knowledge from local people.
– Raise awareness and understanding of sustainable waste management and wider related environmental, economic and social issues.

The Review will focus on municipal waste and the issues associated with the top levels of the waste hierarchy i.e. waste prevention, re-use, recycling and composting and recognises the impact on the amount of waste requiring treatment or disposal to landfill.

The Review will look at existing and emerging legislation and policy changes and other factors such as climate change, carbon reduction and governance as well as mechanisms for future service delivery to residents which are affordable, deliverable and offer value for money.

The review of the Strategy will take place from October 2010 to December 2010 and will also provide residents an opportunity to influence the management of waste in their waste through a combination of roadshow events, face to face surveys, newsletters and e-consultion, which will include an exchange portal accessible through

Kerbside Household Waste Analysis

The Kerbside Analysis was undertaken during 2010 to identify the main waste materials arising within Merseyside. The results of the analysis will be used as part of ongoing waste and composition forecasting to inform the review of the Merseyside Joint Municipal Waste Management Partnership Strategy 2008 and the aligned Halton Municipal Waste Management Strategy 2008. The following documents can be viewed as PDF’s.

Kerbside Household Waste Composition Analysis – Final Report.

Kerbside Household Waste Composition Analysis – Appendices.

The Composition of Residual Waste Arising at Household Waste Recycling Centres in Merseyside – Final Report