Community Fund: Funding conditions

Funding conditions

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In accepting a grant offer from MRWA / Veolia Community Fund, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  1. We agree to use the grant only for the purpose(s) described in the application form, offer letter, and funding agreement unless a variation is otherwise agreed in advance, in writing, by the MRWA.
  • We will ensure that proper insurance for Public and Employee liability, and for any buildings, vehicles and of any equipment, remains in place at all times. MRWA may claim back all or part of the grant to cover equipment that is lost and/or unable to be replaced.
  • We agree that MRWA as the funder can use our name and the name of our project in its own publicity materials, and we will inform MRWA of any situation where confidentiality is an issue.
  • We will seek publicity, where possible, with local press to promote the project and the support received from the Community Fund. We will ask for support in promoting the project, contacting  and use Promoting your Funding 
  • We will mention the name of the Community Fund in all press releases issued relating to any aspect of the project supported by the grant.
  • We agree to use the Community Fund’s logo on any publication produced relating to or supported by the grant. The publication must be approved by MRWA.
  • We will support the Community Fund’s strategic aims and agree to work with MRWA on any joint publicity opportunities in relation to the grant including, launch events, cheque presentation and open days etc.
  • We accept responsibility for ensuring parental/guardian consent is provided for the photographing and filming of minors and vulnerable people to promote the project. MRWA will assume prior consent has been given for the provision of such photographic and film material for any promotion purposes.
  • We agree not to purchase or order any goods or services specified by in an application before we receive the offer letter confirming the grant.
  1. We will keep receipts and other evidence of expenditure for ALL purchases and services and make them available to MRWA on request. They should be kept for six years (? 3?). We understand MRWA cannot fund retrospective project items, and that all receipts must be dated after the grant approval date.
  2. We agree to maintain a register of any assets exceeding £1,000 in value that are bought with the grant and will request the permission of MRWA to assign/dispose of any such item. If we subsequently sell any equipment or assets, we understand we may have to repay a part of any money received. The amount which we repay will be in direct proportion to the share of the project costs which came from Community Fund.
  3. We will inform MRWA of any changes to our bank account.
  4. We agree not change the sections of our Constitution which relate to purposes, paying members of the governing body, distribution of assets, or admitting members without notifying MRWA.
  5. We will spend the grant before 31st March 2024
  6. We understand that MRWA will not increase the amount of the Community Fund grant if we overspend.
  7. We will maintain records to enable full completion of the monitoring form, including the following:
  • Amount spent including evidence
  • The tonnes of material dealt with
  • The number of people participating /directly engaged in the project
  • How many volunteer hours have been dedicated to the project
  • The number of community events you’ve done
  • How many training sessions you’ve delivered
  • Any wider engagement.
  • Details of best practice example

  1. We agree to provide verbal or written reports on progress as requested by MRWA.
  2. We will acknowledge MRWA and the Community Fund in our annual report, the Chair or Secretary’s report at the AGM, the accounts covering the grant period, and in any annual publicity material we produce about the project.
  3. We agree to provide evidence at the request of MRWA in order to ensure the protection of any children and vulnerable adults involved in the project.
  4. We agree to complete and return an ‘End of project’ report within six weeks of our project finishing, and no later than 12th May 2024, and understand that failure to complete monitoring on time may affect any funding opportunities in the future. 
  • We will comply with any other specifications in the offer letter.