Veolia has been present in the United Kingdom since 1990. The company employs 12,500 employees across the waste management and recycling sector and is renowned for its integrated waste management and environmental services to local communities, business and industry. A wide range of services including refuse collection, recycling, waste treatment and street cleansing are provided to over 16 million customers in the UK and the company also operates a network of Materials Recovery Facilities, civic amenity and compost sites, Materials Recovery and Energy Recovery Facilities and landfill sites.

The company manages the disposal of all household waste on behalf of Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority and Halton Council under a long-term contract. The disposal of waste is carried out via its four Waste Transfer Stations situated in Knowsley, Liverpool, Southport and Wirral and via contracts with third party landfill operators.

Veolia also manages and operates, on the Authority’s behalf a total of 13 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) throughout Merseyside. Currently MRWA has developed and Veolia operates Materials Recovery Facilitys (MRF) at Bidston on the Wirral and Gillmoss in Liverpool. These accept and sort mixed recyclable materials collected from households, which are then further processed into new materials and products.