The Authority has a Performance Management Framework to deliver its Corporate Plan and regularly produces reports which summarise the progress made in delivering corporate objectives. This includes our main publication the Annual Plan (previously the Best Value Performance Plan) and quarterly performance reports. These can all be found in this section, along with the Authority’s regularly-published newsletter.

Below you will find the current MRWA Annual Plan in pdf, as well as previous editions.

Current – MRWA Annual Report 2018/19 (2mb)

MRWA Annual Report 2017/18 (3mb)

MRWA Annual Report 2016/17 (3mb)

MRWA Annual Report 2015/16 (2mb) Executive summary (1mb)

MRWA Annual Report 2014/15 (8mb)

MRWA Annual Plan 2015 (1mb)

MRWA Annual Plan 2013 (1mb)

MRWA Annual Plan 2012 (1mb)

MWDA Annual Plan 2011 (1mb)

MWDA Annual Plan 2010 (500kb)

MWDA Annual Plan 2009 (400kb)

Best Value Performance Plan 2008 (2mb)

Best Value Performance Plan 2007/2010 (4mb)

Best Value Performance Plan 2006/2009 (3mb)

Documents are in PDF format – please click here to download Abode Reader.

For hard copies of publications please contact MRWA on Tel: 0151 255 1444 contact us via our email enquiries form or write to us at:

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority, 7th Floor, Mann Island, Liverpool, L3 1BP.