YouTube Chosen To Host Waste Story

Merseyside residents can learn the ins and outs of waste disposal by logging on to You Tube to see what happens to their rubbish….

Merseyside residents can learn the ins and outs of waste disposal by logging on to You Tube to see what happens to their rubbish.

Five new short films have been produced by Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority to reveal everything from monitoring gas levels at former landfill sites to processes used at a Wirral Materials Recovery Facility.

The films are part of an education drive by the Authority and focus on key elements of waste management in the region, explaining how various parts of the industry work.

They can be viewed on the MWDA website and on YouTube and all showcase what goes on at Merseyside’s Household Waste Recycling Centres, its Materials Recovery Facility in Bidston and its Waste Transfer Stations. The Authority’s work in monitoring gas and water at former landfill sites is also covered in the clips.

The five ‘shorts’ follow on from an educational waste film released by MWDA last year, which showed the journey of waste from kerbside through recycling and then final reprocessing.

Carl Beer, Director of Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority, said: “We had some very positive feedback following the release of our film last year, so we’re glad to follow it up with these. They’re a bit more technical and feature a bit more detail than the last one did. The target age range is more specific as we’re aiming at secondary schools, colleges and university students. However, as they’re on our website and YouTube, they are accessible to everyone.”

The original film – called Get It Sorted – was released last November and has so far been distributed to and watched by approximately 2000 people, forming part of an information and education resource.

Like the previous film, the new shorts have been produced in conjunction with Liverpool media company Red Hot Media and have been narrated by local teenage actors Anneka Desai and Jack Mulhanney.

Richard Wallace of Red Hot commented: “To get the chance to work with Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority on another project has been a real privilege. These films will most definitely educate and inform viewers and with the input of the two fantastic presenters will certainly entertain.”

The new films can be viewed on the MWDA website, on YouTube by searching for Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority, or by visiting