Our message

A message from the Chairperson of Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority, Councillor Graham Morgan, and Carl Beer, Chief Executive of Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA).

MRWA takes the lead in all aspects of waste disposal for the region and promotes recycling and waste prevention across Merseyside. We operate (via a contract with Veolia) 13 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC’s) to householders in the Merseyside area wishing to dispose and recycle their own waste. These are in addition to the waste collection and recycling schemes that are provided by individual District Councils.

Our message couldn’t be clearer –  you can recycle easily no matter how much time you’ve got.

The task in managing hundreds and thousands of tonnes of waste is not an easy one. It wasn’t so long ago that people were quite content for all our ‘rubbish’ to be buried in huge holes in the ground. These days we’re only too aware of the situation we as a society have found ourselves in – we are creating too much waste, reusing or recycling too little and not getting enough value from what we’re throwing away.

The good news is things are definitely changing for the better and we are optimistic for the future. Our District Council partners have introduced efficient kerbside recycling collections which are capturing tonnes of material which was only recently ending up in landfill. Our own Household Waste Recycling Centres are recycling over 60% of material that comes through the gate. This means that Merseyside now has a recycling rate of almost 40%. This is an achievement considering ten years ago we were struggling to hit double figures.

None of this would have been possible without the enthusiastic support which has been shown and practiced by Merseyside residents. We know that it can be hard and inconvenient to change the habits of a lifetime, but householders have really taken to recycling. More importantly less waste is being created in the first place. In doing so fewer resources are being consumed, less pressure is being put on the planet and we are ultimately living within sustainable boundaries which will help maintain a healthier environment.

As we progress our procurement for new waste management facilities we are asking the public to trust us to deliver what we think is the best solution for Merseyside. And it is a problem – if we don’t dramatically cut the amount of material we’re sending to landfill then we could face multi-million pound fines which will have to be paid by the council taxpayer. These new, world-class technologies will manage the waste which hasn’t or can’t be recycled, and at the same time it will create jobs.

A more environmentally aware society is emerging, one that is concerned about the way the planet is being treated and one that is prepared do something about it. We are optimistic that over the next few years we (along with our District Council partners and you the taxpayer) can turn Merseyside’s current problem into a positive – that material which goes into your bin can be reused, recycled or turned into energy and used as a valuable resource.

It is a challenge – but a challenge we are looking forward to.