The new contracts

The Procurement Programme is divided into the following contract areas:

The Waste Management and Recycling Contract (WMRC) provides services to manage Municipal Waste and Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) and transport of waste not recycled to disposal facilities. This contract was procured through Competitive Dialogue and in June 2009 awarded to Veolia Environmental Services Ltd.

The Resource Recovery Contract (RRC) is primarily for the development of facilities that will create energy from residual waste (i.e. waste which cannot be recycled in any other way). This contract was procured through Competitive Dialogue. SITA UK won this contract in December 2013.

Landfill Contracts: These contracts enable us to safely dispose of waste not suitable for recycling in the Waste Management and Recycling Contract and residues from the Resource Recovery Contract.

The Authority has three landfill contracts, provided by Waste Recycling Group, Sita UK Ltd and Mersey Waste Holdings Ltd.