The future of Merseyside’s waste

Merseyside is producing over 500,000 tonnes of household waste a year – that is over 1000 kilograms of waste created by each and every Merseyside household in just one year.

Overall the region recycled just on 40% of this – the remainder was sent to landfill.

Merseyside has recognised that it needs to deal with its waste more effectively – both from an environmental and an economic perspective. Landfill space is fast running out. Both UK and European government legislation means we could face huge fines for every tonne of waste we send to landfill above our limit.

As well as the financial implications, sending waste to landfill is not good for the environment – pollution potential from landfilled waste can impact on surface water, groundwater, soil, air, and also contribute to climate change.

RESOURCES Merseyside 2011-2041 provides the headline strategic route map to deliver sustainable waste management on Merseyside, transform the waste agenda and move towards greater resource efficiency. It aims to increase recycling to above 50% by 2041 and to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill sites.

The Authority’s Procurement Strategy continues to define a detailed procurement route for waste management contracts.