Procurement programme documentation

In this section you’ll find the documentation relating to MRWA’s Procurement programme.

All documents are PDF, unless otherwise stated. 


Waste PFI Project Outline Business Case (PDF)

Appendix Two – Strategic Context:

2.1 Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Merseyside

2.1 Join Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Merseyside – position statement 

2.2 Waste Management IAA

2.2 Inter Authority Agreement (IAA) programme of ratification

2.3 MWDA ‘Don’t let it all go to waste’ questionnaire

2.4 MWDA ‘Don’t let it all go to waste’ survey results

2.5 Procurement Strategy

Appendix Three – Existing Provision Approach:

3.1 DCAP Liverpool

3.1 DCAP Sefton

3.1 DCAP Wirral

3.1 DCAP St Helens

Appendix Four – Options Appraisal:

4.1 Waste Flow Analysis (Excel)

4.2 Capital and Operating Cost Assumptions

Appendix Five – Value For Money and Financial Models:

Value For Money

Assessment Base (Excel)

Assessment Base – Cape (Excel)

Assessment Base Ope (Excel)

Optimism Bias (Excel)

Appendix Six – Affordability:

6.1 Shadow Tarif Model (Excel)

6.2 Shadow Bid Model Assumptions

6.3 PFI Revenue Support Calculation

Appendix Seven – Delivering the Project:

7.1 Accounting Treatment

7.2 Risk Register (Excel)

7.3 Waste Sector Response

7.4 Finance Sector Response

7.5 MWDA Planning Documents Route Map

7.6 MWDA Planning Strategy

7.7 Interim Position Statement from the Waste Development Plan Document Steering Group

7.8 Approved Criteria Based Screening Methodology

7.9 Histograms Sites Search

7.10 Draft Site Deliverability Assessment

7.11 Programme of Key Dates and Planning Milestones

7.12 Sites Communications Information Protocol

7.14 Project Plan