Merseyside Waste Management Procurement Programme

Tough government targets to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill each year and the negative impact landfill has on the environment means we have to move away from our historical reliance on landfill as the principal means of disposing of Merseyside’s waste.

Simply put, Merseyside is creating too much waste and sending too much of it to landfill.

To combat this we are implementing a £1 billion Procurement Programme to deliver new waste treatment facilities and services. A consortium led by SITA UK has been appointed to the 30 year Waste Resource and Recovery Contract. This is final stage of a resource management project which will provide a sustainable and cost effective solution for 430,000 tonnes of municipal waste per year, which the Authority handles and which has not been recycled.

In conjunction with the Procurement Programme, we will continue our partnership work with Merseyside’s District Councils on various waste reduction and reuse campaigns as well as trying to increase the amount of waste we recycle.

The following pages provide more information about the Waste Management Procurement Programme and how it will contribute to a long-term waste management solution for Merseyside.

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